You know the scene from pretty woman, when Julia Roberts’ character tells Kit,

“We think you have a lot of potential Kit DeLuca.”

Kit responds, “You do? You think I have potential?”

YESSSSSS. YESSSSS!!!! I think you have great potential! Soul Potential!!

We all have a hard time seeing ourselves consistently in the LEGENDARY. We’ve spent our lives proving we weren’t good enough, or successful enough or pretty enough. We’ve spent our lives believing in self-doubts and behaving with self-deprecation.

How can we trust ourselves now?

Were we lying then or are we lying now?

This is why you need a coach.

You’ve spent an entire lifetime mentoring yourself and its become safe and comfortable to stay here.

Growing and then retreating, you have faith and then a failure of courage, back and forth.


When is now a good time to be free and take 100% control to your ultimate destiny?

Why pick me?

Because, I believe in you, even without meeting you, I have faith in you as a human.

I know your bigger, better and more amazing than you’ll ever allow yourself to see or say.

I’m not here to get you to change. People don’t change. I’m here to show you what already exists inside of you and get you to use it so you can live every moment from that beautiful, trusting, self-assured place.

The biggest mistake people make when choosing a coach:

Going off of the paper credentials alone!

What if his voice annoys you?

What if you two have completely different values, beliefs?

What if you can’t seem to connect how this person talks?

No big deal, right? This is only the person who’s coaching you to live your most PHENOMENAL LIFE!

Its really really important to talk, hear, and do a consult with the coach!

I offer a FREE 15 minute consult!

If we don’t know within 15 minutes that I’m your person, then keep searching!

One thing I do know, even if its not me, you will find your person, your coach!

Am I your person? Are you my person? Lets find out!

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Growing is the goal. Writing my passion. Storytelling, my love.

If you’re looking for:

Someone to add lightness, humor and relatability to any topic, I’m your girl! Your writer, editor!

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Open to any topic, lets connect!


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