Hello There!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a bit about me!

I have spent a lot of my own life in silence. Silence from my traumas, my pain, shame you name it.

Its time to start talking.

I believe very strongly in the power of sharing. When people have the courage to tell their stories, others are inspired and called to look at their own lives.

Life is meant to be lived fully expressed!

Through my work and my own personal journey with pain. I’ve learned that our bodies hold all our traumas, experiences and thoughts in particular places. This can lead to some restrictions and dysfunctions, not only physical but also emotional, creating a mind over matter situation.

We literally, mind-body-spirit are conned into believing things that are made up!

This requires a full detox to take place, a clearing of these false stories, questions, beliefs from our being to make space for new, vibrant, rae-freshing moments (see what I did there!), to allow the amazing in, so we can dream bigger, live greater and smile brighter!

What does all this mean, it means that I love to write about it. The blog shares stories of my journey as well as clients’ stories, some pieces that make you go “hmmm”, and possibly motivate people to live in their truest, most legendary potential!

And maybe inspire a few people to want to work together in some capacity!


What makes me qualified? Life Experience, but here’s some “real” degrees I do have, if it helps:

Schooling & Skills:
Getting Schooled Everyday as a Momma of 2 
NYU Doctor of Physical Therapy, specializing in Pelvic Floor
University of Delaware BS in Neuroscience
CranioSacral Therapist
500Hr Yoga Teacher Training (500 RYT)
Meditation Teacher
Reiki Master
Countless Certifications to Create The Life I Love
PhD in Taking Control of My Destiny Now, Mind-Body-Spirit

Experience: I often ask myself, “if I was in a future life and seeing myself in this life, what would I say to myself?”
Let’s stop for a moment and take that.
Do that right now… what would your future self in another life say to your self now.

You’d say, “keep reading!

This Rae Fresh girl is AH-MAZING!”

Seriously though, most moments I say to myself,
Don’t be so boring!
Stop being so damn scared!

I mean that makes sense. If I’m going to look back on this life centuries later, it better be worth every moment! It better be the kind of life that changes your soul! Because who the hell wants to be back to learn the same damn lessons again!
Am I right?

So that’s why I live the way I live, say the things I say and do the things I do.
Life is about playing full out!
I believe that for everyone, just simply because I love you. I believe in you.

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