Coming off a beautiful weekend where a wedding took place that many people thought never would… got me thinking. Things in life don’t happen because we hope and pray and wait. They happen because we believe and then take action. Massive action.

Why massive? It sounds scary doesn’t it?

That’s why its massive because it is scary.  We are feet in the quick sand full of fear when it comes to actually doing something we are meant to do, have always wanted to do.

Whether fighting for love, or wanting a new career, a baby, a better relationship with a sibling, parent or even just bettering ourselves, getting down to our own crap status to clear it out. Its gut-wrenching, nerve-racking and vomit-inducing and no one ever willingly says, “yes, sign me up.”

Saying yes to the thing that scares the literal shit out of you is taking action. The first step.

I can only really tell you my story about how much fear I had putting myself out there to get into a new career of modeling and acting. I took the pictures and literally sat on them for 6months!!

I finally sent them out because I was out of a job, had a elbow injury that prevented me from doing anything else even my daily yoga practice.

… Basically blessed and depressed enough to have the universe back me into a corner.

From there I got interviews. Being a mother of 2 I needed to work out the logistics of babysitting, after school activities, meal times…everything! But I said yes anyway and then I went to the interviews!

Then I got my first casting and again I had to work out logistics, but this time there was a greater fear. The fear of being seen. Putting myself out there. Doing something I had always desired and never said out loud!

But something deep inside was guiding me to go for it. I listened. I was stepping out, doing what I needed.  I kept moving forward, listening to my heart and stepping through the pull back in my gut named Fear. I’d take 3 trains and walk miles in a day to go to castings, auditions, and jobs. Working 15hour days… but I was doing what I love and taking action.

And as a side effect I can honestly say my family has stepped up their game too. My girls are more confident. They know exactly what they want to do in most moments and do it. My husband is actually saying “No” to things and learning to prioritize based on his own goals. Our lives are a reflection of our goals and our vision for ourselves!

All because we took action!

Malaika Arora a Bollywood Celebrity once posted this: “it is a terrible thing I think in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now…”

What are you not ready to do right now?
Take action. Massive Action.