If you have the courage to dream it, wish it, work for it, change it, then have the courage to say it out loud.

Change is difficult for anyone, even those of us that repeatedly say, “I do love me some change!” And i ain’t talking ’bout the kind you put into a pay phone!

Change is inevitable. It’s the only constant we have in life. And if we really want to grow and live to the fullest, it is the thing we must embrace.

What’s probably just slightly more difficult than change… is actually saying it out loud! Admitting it out loud to ourselves and anyone else that is asking and listening, or just standing there.

Whether we want to change careers.
Change our emotional intelligence.
Change our perspective.
Change homes.
Change our marriage situation.
Change our lives!!

None of it really matters until we can say it out loud. Until we actually share it! It’s apart of the process.

You ever watch a leader, a freaking boss, they speak with confidence. They just say what they are doing and they take no prisoners. Just owning it, like I’m a hustler!!!

If we can’t own who, what, when, how we want to change, be, feel, love then basically how can it happen?!! It’s not real until you can say it out loud!

Saying something out loud makes us accountable.

I quit my job back in January. A job that I had waited 10 years for. When I got out of PT school I had said I will be a woman’s health therapist, pelvic floor specialist. This was that job! One year in, I quit.

I was so embarrassed to say I quit that I didn’t really share. When people would ask I’d say yes, I’m still a PT. Until one day I asked the universe for something different, something that would make my heart soar. Something super creative. I knew I wanted to write and still transform people’s lives with mind-body-energy stuff. But I wanted something for ME!

Of course this would feel selfish. How could it not. I’m making a shift from we, us, someone else to ME! Even for someone who had devoted her life to the service of others’ healing. I was burnt out and overwhelmed and I needed to fill my own pot.

So I started saying it out loud, I’m a blogger, a poet, a writer, a creative. I even started to post more pictures of me on social media, instead of hiding behind my family, kids.

Call it fate, call it coincidence (which I don’t believe in by the way). Call it magic!
Three months later, I was offered a modeling contract. what? seriously wake me up before you go-go? what?

I am so so so grateful!!! And excited. And shocked. And validated. And scared all at once! Scared, mostly about sharing it with people, saying it out loud, fear of being judged, criticized, but really, I am afraid of the accountability it holds me to.

This is what I do and want to do. I have to go after it, I have to embody it, I have to own it! Its my thing.

I was so afraid to share it. Afraid to say out loud that I’m acting and modeling. Where I come from, how I was raised, this wasn’t a real career? We focused on education, sciences! The stuff made for consistent, boring, no risk lives! Also, I was a mom now, I have to sacrifice all of myself for them. I was also in my 4th decade of life, who did I think I was?

Self-doubt kicked in like a bullet, stripping away at my already dwindled confidence. I became nauseous, anxious, exhausted fighting this internal battle. You’d think I got some illegal, illegitimate job the way I was carrying on!! Truth was, I was super happy inside, yet squashed by fear my excitement was kept at bay, all because I couldn’t say it out loud.

Naturally. I couldn’t fully embrace my new career. In secrecy I went on train rides into the city for auditions and castings. I practiced behind closed doors, researched posing, speaking, smiling, even learned how to write a resume for my new career. What do you write when you’re a pumpkin looking to grow into a carriage…Cinderella’s godmother?

It was deathly scary to say it out loud, to own my change.

How will the universe ever know how bad you want it and worse, just how grateful you are of these blessings if you can’t say it out loud?

Reminding yourself along the way that no one can take away the validation the universe gives you. You freaking deserve this!

So say it out loud!!  Own it and know just how badly you deserve it!

What have you been waiting to say out loud? Share it with us in the comments below! Send me a message. So you can embrace the magic that is about to unleash on your ass! HA!


Pic credit: keithcraft.org