If you want to be the head of anything you better get used to people NOT  liking you. Rolling eyes at you, acting like they didn’t hear what you said, whispering awful nothings under their breaths, imitating you, oh the list could go on and on!

You’d think I was talking about a work environment, but I’m actually talking about my household situation! Recently these are just a few of the things I’ve been dealing with from my kids, husband, family.

I was initially so frustrated, annoyed and straight ready to really slap someone up side their head, I even stormed out of my house! It all got too much for me. I couldn’t gather myself and my thoughts quickly enough to understand what and why this was happening. I needed to get a peaceful control of my own self before I could figure this all out.

For the most part I’m a sensitive person, especially where my family is concerned. What they think matters ALOT, it matters most, sometimes above what I think. So you can imagine when there’s all this miscommunication, drama and dislike how absolutely low I’d feel.

After storming out and finding a seat in nature, literally under a tree. Asking the universe to help me see what I couldn’t. It was the better option to thinking to myself that I am the crazy one. The one who is out of my mind. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Then I saw my dad’s face, and instantly the memories, moments or being annoyed with him, frustrated by him, disliking him came back to me.

If you follow my posts, then you know how i feel about my dad… beautifully challenged. Our relationship has grown me, however, you don’t grow without some struggle (check out this blog for more on that… We Don’t Grow In Rainbows & Unicorns)

I see my father as a man who stands for people moving forward, growing, succeeding, thriving in honesty, truth and love. Him showing up for me in this moment of introspection, I realized that I also stand for my family to grow, thrive, move forward! And if I want to be at the forefront of this movement, guess what???? There will be resistance! There will be dislike. There will be pull backs.

If I’m going to take the title of head of my household, which is fancy wording for primary caretaker of my family. Not because I’m the woman, actually because I’m the one that’s done the work. Worked on bringing my emotional shit to the front line. Worked to practice peacefulness, mindfulness and growth mindset. Worked to become an expert on myself, my kids and my husband. And truthfully, I’m damn good at it! So if I want to take that rank then I better also take the rank that says “get outta here, I don’t like you.”(eye roll, scrunch face)

If you’re going to blame people for all the shit, you better blame them for all the good too.” ~Tony Robbins

My job here is to allow a space where all that is possible the good, the bad and the ugly.

To create myself to be okay with you not liking me if it means you’re growing, learning, thriving.

Don’t get me wrong, it f’ing sucks! Like bad. Like to the point you are crying tears into nature’s soil and hugging a tree for companionship bad. Like talking yourself off the ledge bad. The hardest feeling in the world is not being liked. But, if I play my cards right..then you’re getting whatever lesson you need.

The truth is people not liking me has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them! That is plain truth from experience. I was a bratty, moody kid who thought I knew everything, like I was 13 going on 30! So naturally, I’m going to resist any growth, learning or lesson, because hellllloooo i knew it all!!!  The only thing I was, I realize now was ….embarrassing.

I have faith that there will come a day when you too like Lady Bird will call and say “Thank you.”

Even if I never get that call.  My job here is to be the head and that job comes with the biggest setback, that no one may like me. 

Are you the head of something? Have been disliked? Share your story and see how it can open up something for someone else 🙂

♥ Rae

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