Have you ever felt lost, like where are you, who are you and where do you go from here? Ever wonder why you’re so angry or so sad most days?

What a sucky feeling. Truly the most uncontrollable, agitating, feeling and you’re not sure why you feel this way.

A feeling that something outside of you is controlling you. Whether your boyfriend or your family, or even sometimes the need for a materialistic item like a purse or a car. It controls your every emotion. It controls whether you have a productive day. It controls whether you feel like getting out of bed.

Yes, it is the worst feeling in the world. This feeling that something or someone outside of you controls you and your every move. This is the feeling of giving your power away.

Have you ever felt this?

I mean it can be something as simple as a store not having the handbag you wanted and so now you are sad or frustrated and you can’t think about anything else until you get it.

It can be as deep as walking into work every day knowing, first that you’re at a job you don’t really like. Then realizing your boss determines how good you feel about the day, and lastly, the paycheck ain’t cutting it for you, so you get nasty, angry, resentful or just plain defeated, so now you are completely …..YES, LOST!!!

You know that situation, where you have a choice to make, and then you think what will my mom say, or my grandpa, or my neighbor’s sister’s daughter (HA!). SO you make the choice that is comfortable, the one that everyone else will be happy about (or so you convince yourself).  Its safe, it doesn’t rock the boat, but its not what you really wanted. Now you’re annoyed, moody, and you know why. YES, because you gave your power away!

I guess we never think about it this way, I never did. I spent my life giving my power away to those I love. I think its because I’m a people pleaser, or maybe because I got to play the victim; by using them against myself, to control myself, to play it safe and not take risks, to be just content instead of truly happy.

See those whom I love don’t truly care what I major in, or where I work,  what school i went to, what I wear, how silly I am, or how much TV I watch, yet, I use them as an excuse to stop myself from doing what I really want.

I guess I’ve given the power away a lot of times in my life. I realize it, and I fix it. But I don’t learn, or rather, my ego is gets smarter, it slickly finds something else for me to give my power to.

Oh my ego is a genius. It does this so I don’t have to be responsible for my choices. I can say, “YOU MADE ME…”
“You made me feel this way.”
“You made me be this profession.”
“You made me…”

Because of A, I am B. Its so much easier than saying, because of B, I am B. Get it. Like I did this because I wanted to. I made me do it.  I am the reason. Why is it so hard to say, I am doing this because I want to?
1. Because its so scary
2. So we have someone to blame when/if we fail or aren’t happy
3. Because we feel selfish, guilty, and unsupported making our own choices

It takes a lot of courage and self-respect, and most important confidence and truthfully a lot of sanity, to own your own power.

Knowing what I know about dis-ease and the body.  This giving away of our power is where issues like depression and chronic fatigue start.

So its time… LETS STOP this bullshit! But how? How do you move forward, how do you take the first step to making a choice that is not related or validated to an external source?

Just like that. You now realize something else has your power. Take it back. You realize the thing that controls you. Then you make a choice that it won’t. Lastly, you do the thing you want, consciously, mindfully. You take a baby step in the direction you choose.
Maybe today its one less time you get frustrated.
Maybe its just waking up and smiling.
Maybe its saying something kind to someone.
Maybe its saying how you feel when someone asks you.
Maybe it’s a bigger leap into a new job, or taking that trip, or starting that music lesson.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. ~Dr. Seuss (Happy Belated!)

Whatever you do…make it your choice, and take your power back!
Here’s me posting what you may think is cheesy.. but its what I see, when I think about taking my power back! All while hearing  The Power by Snap. (“I’ve got the power”)


Do you see a particular pose, or think of a specific cheer, or do a certain dance when you think of getting your power back…Share it with us. After all, it takes a village. We can be a village together 🙂

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