The title has you like what?? Believe me I’m shocked I’m even writing about this subject!

Let me start with we are an Eagles-Giants Family!
If you aren’t sure what that means, its like the Capulets and Montagues of Romeo and Juliet.
This combination in the sports world is defined as an ultimate rivalry!
I had no idea about any of this when I chose my husband!

I grew up in a house that was like the UN for the NFL, we are all one and everyone wins!
We’ve always cheered for the home team, The Philadelphia Eagles, but we were a non-discriminatory household! We’d also cheer for the Cincinnati Bengals, because we thought it was a tribute to the tigers of India. We cheered for San Francisco 49ers because my parents lived there when they first came to America. We cheered for Miami Dolphins, because Dan Marino was hot! Cough…that was just me… moving on!

I had no idea that when I married my sports-obsessed husband it would become a way of life (Wide Eye Emoji)! My NY Giants loving husband went missing every Sunday for a few years (thank goodness he grew out of that phase)!

I started paying more attention to the wins and becoming very competitive. I noticed myself getting angry, frustrated and even mad at bad games and losses, almost obsessive. I actually had to stop myself from getting so involved and paid less attention a few years ago. I know why would I want distance from this tumultuous emotional roller coaster! (eye roll)

I stopped because of the confusion in my daughters’ eyes. They thought that by choosing a team, they were choosing a parent (I know hands on face emoji)!

If they chose the Giants, then it meant making momma upset. If they chose Eagles, daddy would be upset. I mean for the sake of honesty, everyone knows momma is always top choice!!! But, you’re not supposed to admit that out loud! It’s an unspoken truth. (wink)

Truthfully though, my little one adores her father so she had no problem saying I’m a Giants Fan. My older one took some time, but as I let go, she realized she wanted be a Giants Fan too, a way to connect to Daddy and her best friends who are all Giants fans!

Naturally, this was a choice I made for harmony and happiness of my home.

Even after all this, I can’t help but feel like this Sunday….YAS!!!!!!
ITS MY TURN Bitches!! haha kidding but serious

We will all be cheering for the Eagles this Sunday! My daughters even asked for an Eagles shirt (tear eye)! Our very own Part 2 of UN development inside my home! I know I owe my husband a shout-out, who even though his Giants friends are wishing the Eagles remain winless, he still stands by me and our family for a sanctity of peace and love! I guess this is his compromise (awww).

I think if you ask him, he’d say he’s just happy to see me cheering and getting involved again. An example for the girls to see and understand the true nature of sports and unity, that its ok to be from different sides, we can still create a happy family together!

I would never have said that before, and would’ve told the single people, just pick someone from the same team! But the truth is after all these years, it comes down to what do you value. If you make it work it actually…dare I say it…is FUN!

I am excited! I can see why for some people this is the only exciting interaction they have with their families, friends, loved ones…a shared goal! What’s more peaceful than bringing people together!

It may even be the only time someone expresses having fun! I’ve had many clients say they only connected to their fathers through sports. Countless stories of fathers being pretty quiet until a sports team was involved and then all the armor came off, high fives, smiles and hugs were freely offered!!

That’s how a shared goal feels. Exciting, United, FUN, like you wanna hug the crap out of people!
Side Note: don’t squeeze too hard!

Even if you’re not on the same team, there is a camaraderie in standing for something. I mean that’s why players on opposite teams shake each other’s hands, I’ve seen them hug after the games. This camaraderie is why fans at least somewhat tolerate other fans in “their” stadium, because we need each other, without other teams you’d basically be playing yourself! (shoulder shrug emoji)

The joy and excitement sets in during a sports game and we feel a part of something.
We belong!

As humans, we want to belong! It makes us feel included, no judgments. We are one team, we stand together, we get happy together, we high five everyone, the nerds, jocks, cool kids, mean girls, and band camp people! All become one! No race, religion, sexual orientation, no color…but GREEN!

That’s Powerfully Harmonious!

Do you have an interesting sports story? A lesson learned through sports?
Please share it below in the comments!!

With Love,
Reshma♥… you can call me Rae Fresh 

By the way…NEW SITE, NEW LOOK, Same Blog!
Thanks for joining me here!!!

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