IMG_0854Of all the things I share, this by far has been the hardest. I guess its time to be broken wide open…

Its been 1 ½ years since we made the choice to find you a better home. Although we see you surrounded by love, happiness and being the king you deserve to be. Not a day goes by that we don’t carry you in our thoughts and  in our hearts.

You Deserve More

I loved you from the first time I saw you,
In the barn that smelled of pine,
And was lit up like Diwali.

I loved you instantly as you put your head on my shoulders,
Like my own baby will also do some day.
I loved you from the time I held you shaking on the car ride home.
The first bath was kind of scary for both of us, but I loved you then too.

I loved taking care of you,
Seeing the relief on your face,
As I wiped sight into your eyes during an infection;
Or cleaning your ears knowing it will feel better in the end.
I loved that you made me a Mother.

I loved the laughs.
The times you were scared to walk on the road or over the gutters,
Or how you were petrified of crawling spiders,
Or when you growled at your own reflection in the window.

I loved the way you would sit on the landing,
Watching over the house, the kids, even me.
You were smart to know how to ring the bell to go outside,
Or go into your crate when the house wasn’t a safe zone.
And you were not at all a guard dog…
But you were my security.

Even when I came to see you and after our walk,
You watched me drive away in tears and agony,
I hope you know,
I will always love you…
But knew you deserved better.

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