These buttercups and daisies all over my yard,  are beautiful and a sign that spring is here and a pop of color… I mean am I not saying all the right things!?!

The truth, however, is that they are weeds! We had to start from scratch last year when we renovated our house and put down grass seeds. So in all honesty, these yellow buttercups and daisies all over my lawn aren’t even supposed to be here?!

And yet, here they are! From a place where they aren’t even supposed to be to all the way up into the sunlight they have grown!

It got me thinking about life and our own realities, or atleast my own. Aren’t we all in a place where we weren’t even supposed to be. I failed many classes, came close to a separation from my husband, had childhood traumas that should of clipped my adult wings off, yet here I am!

I mean can we take a minute…..WOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!

Yes here we are, much like the buttercup, rising through the struggle, trauma, darkness to be here. Even when the world may think I’m not supposed to be, even when the world may label me a “weed.”
I am exactly where I need to be.
Aren’t we all exactly where we need to be?

The things that darken our worlds, losing someone we love, failing school, getting a divorce, losing/quitting/changing jobs, are the exact things that show us the light! They show us where we want to be if we are paying attention. They show us which way out if we are paying attention. They show us the way to the light if we allow. They are the circumstances that bring us to where we really want to be… in the light, in happiness, connected to people, connected to ourselves, in pure truth of who we are.

Take a minute today to pat yourself on the back, tell yourself, “YASSSSssss HONEY!” You are amazing!! Phenomenal! Just like a buttercup, cute, adorable and bright!

You made it here, even when the odds were stacked against it! Take some time to enjoy this moment!

Do you feel like the buttercup, or are you still finding your way through to the light? Either way, sharing opens up a space in someone else. We’d love to hear and grow together. Comment below!

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