It’s the Festival of Colors called Holi!

All around the world people are celebrating this magical time by throwing colored powder on each other, doing color runs and walks! Its about welcoming the spring, new beginnings and the victory of good over evil!

When I called my 80year old chachi (aunt) (FYI: she does not have dementia) to ask her to tell me the story of Holi, she said “oh I don’t know!” OMG HAHAHA!! I Love Her! I start to tell her about the stories I know, in awe she says, “It’s so wonderful you know these.” This from the woman who taught me most of these stories!

There you have it ladies and gentleman stories are what you create!
Why not create our own lovely and/or bad ass story this Holi Season!

I love the stories of Hindu Folklores. If you change the names or words slightly, don’t they still have the same effect?

Stories teach us how to navigate life, they give us meaning and above all they give us a purpose! The purpose is to have fun, shed the nasty and create to our hearts imagination!

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I invite you to celebrate a new start by Finding your Rae, creating moments in your life that make you smile, laugh and come alive! In this simple way you create the story of your life!
Whether you start with something simple like hugging a friend, smiling at a stranger, or massive action plans like writing a book, start your business, something simple, something huge, release all the doubts and fears to the moon and just start!! Now that’s all the COLOR you’ll need to create!

Happy Creating Wholly People!! (Get it.. Whole-ly/ Holi! 🙃)

Love love love your support and Thank You for Sharing!

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