Omgoodness I’m going to Arizona! Sedona! Grand Canyon! I’m going to get the best pictures ever!! 

Yes, really that’s what I was thinking. Obviously after the exciting fact that it will be sunny, my husband and kids will be together and we haven’t had a much needed vacation in almost 8 months 🙌🏼!!

So we get there I’m planning my outfits, scoping the scene, finding spots to have amazing photo ops.. not just for myself but all of us as a family. 

Day 2 Grand Canyon after a 2 hour adventurous ride literally on the edge of mountainous peaks we get there! Thank Goodness for skilled drivers (shout out to Pink Jeep Tours)!

The immediate reaction was complete awe. It literally took my breath away! My mind had zero thoughts, my body wasn’t breathing 💀 Total amazement!

My loving, caring husband who supports any idea I have, even if it means putting on Capri sweats and an ear to ear smile, just to make me happy, spots out the perfect spot for a photo! 

It’s a cliff hanger. Literally a rock sticking out with no support rails.  It’s probably 6 feet wide and 10 feet long and it literally feels like you will fall if you move just the slightest to the left. 

We take some pics and then I get in position for the picture of all pictures… ohhh baby!! The one I’d imagined and have seen in my minds eye since the day I found out we were going to the Grand Canyon!!!! 

Prepare yourselves!! The picture of all pictures the reality and the expectation all in one shot… 

YASsssss!!! 🙈 That’s about as far as my body got that day! I couldn’t pull my legs up into a headstand. I’m not sure if it was the hovering fear of death, or the fact that I lack confidence taking pictures in public, or that it was such a death defying yoga pose 🙄.

Maybe it was that I was in such awe of the  magnificence of the Grand Canyon that none of the muscles in my body seemed to ground me or work properly, it was like a baby elephant with an adult elephant’s trunk! Yes. That’s right. Like what?? I felt like I was floating along the canyon learning things for the first time like how to use my legs or how to breathe. 

Whatever the reason, I actually didn’t get any of the expected photos. Instead I got breath taking views, amazing hikes, gazillions of laughs and memories with my family that will feed my soul for years to come! 

It was a beautiful humbling reminder that sometimes what we need and want is not what we get. Yet life is still amazing!  

If we can get out of our heads, let go and stay in the moment, we get exactly what we are looking for!

It was easy for me in this moment because literally my mind and my body were not working individually or in unison. So whatever image you have yes that’s right, like the baby elephant or giraffe or a sloths lifestyle!

If you are looking to shock yourself, reset your entire system and really get present get out in nature!

By the ocean, in the forest, a walk around the neighborhood, walking barefoot in the grass, look up at the night sky, breathe into nature and really look out at your view!!  

Is there a favorite spot in nature that you love?

Have you ever expected a certain outcome in your life that did not go as planned? 

Tell us about it!! Sharing grows us all!

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